2005-2010 Mustang Chrome Moly K-Member

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2005-2010 Pro-Series Chrome Moly K-member

UPR Products is proud to announce the arrival of our Pro-Series K-Member for 2005-2010 Ford Mustangs! Like our industry leading K-member for 1979-2004 Mustangs, the 2005-2010 K-member is constructed of American-made chromemoly tubing. Weighing in at an incredible 18lbs it is the lightest and strongest unit available on the market!

2005 Pro Series K-Member

UPR Products 2005-2010 k-member utilizes strategically placed chromemoly gusseting to ensure stiffness and strength. It is designed to reduce weight while greatly increasing strength and to offer maximum clearance for header installation and engine component access, and best of all it is designed to work with stock 2005-2010 mustang A-arms! Of course UPR Products will also be offering a full line of compatible chromemoly stationary and adjustable A-arms (currently in production now).

The UPR 2005-2010 Pro-series K-member comes with a maintenance free, durable, high gloss silver powdercoat finish. As an added bonus with the kit, we are also offering the option of custom colors available by special order at an additional cost! UPR Products Suspension products have been the #1 choice of racing champions since 1998, see why for yourself – experience the UPR Difference today!

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18 Responses to “2005-2010 Mustang Chrome Moly K-Member”
  1. Eric Tangert says:

    When will the matching A-arms be released and will they be availible in a kit form with the K-member?

    • Administrator says:

      Our target date for the S-197 a-arms is Spring 2012. We are developing the 2011-12 k-member right now, and we’ll have the a-arms ready for both soon after. We will offer an S-197 k-member kit with tubular control arms at that time.

  2. Tommy says:

    Can this K member be installed with the engine in place but suspended?

  3. Johnny D says:

    Will this alter the stance or move the wheels in or out in any way? Or leave everything in the stock location? Thanks John

    • Administrator says:

      The suspension geometry is factory, but the included motor mounts lower the engine 1/2″. We will have spacers available soon to put the engine back to the factory position, if a person prefers that.

  4. Sal says:

    Will the raise or lower the Roll center?

    • Administrator says:

      The control arm mounting positions are factory, so I wouldn’t expect it to affect the roll center, but it’s been a while since Chassis401 in college.

  5. James says:

    Awesome product, does the 1/2″ height difference interfere with the air intake lining up or anything else?

    Does the factory steering mount to this?

    One last thing, I lowered my stang 1.5″, will this reduced weight raise the front? I also have the steeda rad support on the way,


    • Administrator says:

      Thanks! The 1/2″ engine drop works perfectly with all factory equipment, no interference anywhere. Our k-member does lose weight on the car, but not enough to raise the front end by any appreciable amount.

      Thanks for you interest in UPR Products!

  6. James says:

    Awesome! I will be purchasing one next week for my 06 GT!

    My only concern is how does the steering rack and pinion mount to this k frame?

    How much will the A arms cost? Will they be chromoly? Will it be cheaper to buy a combo?

    Thanks again,

    • Administrator says:

      The steering rack bolts in just like the factory setup, and hardware is included.

      Stay tuned! We’ll post up pricing & availability as soon as the a-arms are ready. (they will be chrome-moly, and although our combos are usually cheaper, we can take care of you on the pricing if you buy the k-member first)

      • Al says:

        Are you going to offer taller ball joints to go along with the a-arms?

        • Administrator says:

          Al, we do not currently plan to offer taller ball joints with our tubular a-arms. Some experts claim that taller ball joints create durability issues. We’ve seen this discussed, but we don’t have personal experience with it because we don’t offer the taller ball joints. We may eventually consider adding a second set of holes to mount the control arms higher on the k-member in order to correct the angle of the arms on lowered vehicles, but as of now our cars are working really well with the stock location control arm mounts.

  7. James T. says:

    I am very interested in this product, especially since it says it is good for road racing applications. However, I have SLP long tubes and my headers sit right next to my steering shaft already. Will the lowering of the engine cause interference with my headers and my steering shaft?


    James T.

    • Administrator says:

      James, we haven’t tested SLP long tubes with our drop k-member, but you could try our 1/2 drop k-member and if the steering shaft interferes with the headers, you can run a spacer kit to put the engine back to stock height.

  8. Alexander says:

    Hi, will your k member work with Mac Longtube headers and pro chamber? I’ve got an 08 Bullitt. Thanks.

    • Administrator says:

      Alexander, if they work with the stock k-member, they should work with ours. If not, you can use the spacer kit to move the engine back to stock height.

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