Jeremy Martorella runs 9.90 @ 133 in UPR’s 2010 GT!

Click to see UPR’s 9-second GT on YouTube! decided to take advantage of the good weather and see how fast our 21mpg show car would run at PBIR’s dragstrip. With Jeremy Martorella behind the wheel and tuning the suspension, we had high expectations. Our previous best was 10.11@135mph. Jeremy stiffened the shocks, took the hoosier drag radials down to 16lbs, staged the car at 1200 rpm and let it rip. Right off the bat we were excited when the AMAZING 1.35 short time came up on the board. Jeremy knew that he was on a killer pass. When building our now show and GO 2010 Convertible Mustang, we expected to be able to knock out some high 10s–but 9s were meant for RACE CARS… not! UPR Products wows its fans with a fuel efficient automatic 9 second GT. The car is a loaded model and even sports a “back-up” camera. The convertible tips the scales over 3900 lbs. 9.90 @ 133mph, not bad for a show car!!

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