2010 GT runs 9.90 @ 133 with a 1.35 60′ time using UPR’s Pro-Street Urethane lowers!

Many of our competitors say it is impossible to produce a race worthy set of urethane control arms, but seeing is believing! We took our 2010 convertible show car to the track on a cooler night (75 degrees) to see how it would run. The convertible is equipped with UPR Pro-Street series urethane lowers and an adjustable upper control arm, as well as a pair of QA1 adjustable rear shocks and UPR adjustable panhard bar. With Jeremy Martorella driving, the convertible exploded off the line with a 1.35 60 foot time on street legal drag radials.

The UPR Pro-Street series urethane lower control arm kit for 2005-2012 Mustangs is one of our best selling suspension parts. We use seamless American made chrome-moly tubing, Urethane bushings from Energy Suspension, we weld and assemble them here in Florida, powdercoat them our UPR silver finish, and pre-lube them so they are ready to install.

But what really makes them unique is the extra-wide diameter steel pin developed for UPR Products by Energy Suspension. As the weight and power of Mustangs went up, so did the failure rate of urethane control arms. So UPR approached Energy Suspension for a remedy. Energy Suspension’s engineers developed the wider diameter pin to more evenly distribute the load across a wider surface area of the urethane bushing. UPR Products has not experienced a bushing failure since they implemented the wider pin across the entire Pro Street suspension lineup.

In fact, the only problem with UPR’s American Made Pro-Street lower control arms has been the price- it’s too low!! Some people refuse to believe that the finest urethane lower control arm available can be be sold for under $200 a pair! And let’s not forget the Lifetime Guarantee- it is unparalleled in the industry.

Next up for our 2010 GT, we are going to install the new UPR chrome-moly K-member and shed a few more pounds off the front end while greatly improving engine clearance. Stay tuned for more photos and videos of this awesome machine!

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