Owner’s Blog 11/20/12

This past weekend, I blogged on facebook about our Sunday work detail here at UPR. The spark plugs with a tighter gap are now installed on our Turbo 2011 5.0. Also, we had many comments about Jeremy and his twin turbo 93 Cobra. Well, it’s up and running. He tuned it for low boost and longevity, but it still made serious power (I can only say over 1000 rwhp- not my car!). The game plan is to enjoy testing it locally for now.

We are thinking of going to Palm Beach International Raceway Wednesday night for Test n Tune with both cars. If you’re in the area, stop and say hi. We are looking for a 9.70 or better from our 5.0 and, as I explained in an earlier blog, timeslips take a back seat to longevity and drivability.

I spent a lot of time this weekend updating our magazine ads. We are on a mission at UPR to avoid “stale” advertising, and we will be constantly updating our ads to reflect new products and sales. I am also exploring Twitter (I really am a dinosaur when it comes to modern communication) to announce new products and events in the UPR family circle. Tomorrow I’ll talk about an interesting meeting we had with Dan Dolan from Diablosport.


Jeremy's Cobra

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