Owner’s Blog 11/22/12

Last night we took the UPR Hellion turbo 5.0 Mustang to the track. We are trying to get the ET down without excessive boost and have been concentrating on improving 60-foot times. We pulled our best 60-foot time so far at 1.40 and it resulted in a 9.73 at 137.5 mph. We are only making 14 lbs of boost and will continue to turn it up in increments.

The goal of our project is to keep the car 100% driver friendly. It idles at 800rpm and is extremely quiet and smooth. I did get a chance to see a fast Procharger 5.0 there, but underhood it was really busy with hoses and wires everywhere, as well as being very loud. It made me appreciate the simplicity of the Hellion kit. Jeremy took his twin turbo 93 Cobra out and made a few passes but an 8.12 @176 was marked with wheelspin most of the run, so we decided to wait for better track conditions.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends, customers, and racers. We truly appreciate and value our relationships and hope everyone has a great holiday. And don’t forget to check out our great deals on the UPR website and Ebay store.


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