Owner’s Blog 11/25/12

Today I was outvoted on the future of our 2009 GT500. I had planned on it being the ideal 9-second daily driver with a TVS blower and overdrive automatic. My son (it’s his car) decided that since we have our 9-second 5.0 Hellion Turbo Stang and our 2010 9-second 3-valve convertible, we should install his 1345 hp GT500 engine with 4.0 Whipple. I see his point, maybe I was just being lazy, or frugal.

Anyway, it looks we’ll be ordering Strange brakes and axles (assuming we keep it an 8.8), an Aeromotive Cobra Jet fuel system, and whatever else it takes to make it fly. Probably the best news is that my good friend Jimmy LaRocca will be assisting us with the tuning, and that he and Jeremy already have some very good ideas how to make it hook and stay on the ground (torque=wheelies).

We also have a new boost controller coming for our turbo 5.0 which we feel can help us improve on our already incredible 1.40 60 foot time on 275 Drag Radials. Our UPR Pro Street rear suspension is working great. I will continue to post our progress on building and racing both cars.

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday and I hope our customers take advantage of the many special deals on UPR Products this week.


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