Owner’s Blog 12/1/12

Jeremy and I spent Friday at the PRI Show in Orlando. We are both sorry we couldn’t stay for the NMRA racers banquet, but our most sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to all our racers and friends in the NMRA.

Attendance at the show seemed down but we spent the entire day walking and talking to past, present, and future suppliers and customers. One new product we are excited about is our new Made in America line of aluminum double-adjustable coil-over shocks. We are also introducing a new line of billet aluminum breather & overflow cans with internal baffling and incredible looks- all made by UPR in our south Florida manufacturing centers. The flood of offshore “tin cans” will now have to compete with high quality US made billet pieces. We are also finalizing hose & fitting upgrade kits for our best selling oil catch cans- look for announcements online and in magazines.

Jeremy and I spent today, Saturday, putting the finishing touches on our latest race vehicle. 8 year old Sam Martorella is now UPR’s first entrant into the Junior Dragster ranks. Hopefully Sharad has posted some pictures on our Facebook page. It runs on alcohol which requires draining the oil after each session (I know, big deal, 1 quart!). We had to troubleshoot the brake system because the pedal was spongy, and Jeremy was probably more serious about getting it perfect than in his own 200mph racecar. Since I built pro Stock 1260 Suzuki motorcycles 30 years ago, and because I repair lawnmowers, the powertrain was pretty easy. They were headed for an evening test session at PBIR tonight. In a closed test session inside our garage, Sam seemed to be as calm as his dad and uncle Joe behind the wheel – Here we go again!


Loaded up and headed for PBIR

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