Owner’s Blog 12/6/12

Spent time this week developing a new part.

UPR welcomes suggestions for new products and gets lots of great ideas from our customers at the many races and shows we attend. Many times this year we have been asked for remote breather tanks and coolant overflow tanks. Although the market is flooded with overseas inexpensive products, UPR feels there is good demand for a reasonably priced high-quality Made in USA billet part. We designed the breather can to accommodate push-in, screw-in and over the top style breathers. We also designed it to have a -12AN screw in fitting which will make it capable of accommodating lines from -8AN to -16AN. Rather than just have an empty can like all the imports, we designed a baffle system to trap any liquid that finds its way into the can. And of course there is a petcock on the bottom for easy draining. We also designed it to use the many mounting brackets we now offer for our best selling catch cans. We have a prototype on our 2011 5.0 Turbo Mustang. It looks and works great on any vehicle from a daily driver to a 7-second race car.

Next up is a quart size billet radiator overflow can.

In the next few days we will have photographs on our website and facebook, as well as upcoming press releases in major publications and probably an email blast to our dealers and retail customers.

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