Owner’s Blog 12/15/12

We at UPR believe great customer service is our number one priority. It is the reason we attend so many events with our staff and sales trailer. It gives us an opportunity to meet our customers face to face and display our products first hand. It is also a great opportunity to fix any problems that a customer may have encountered. Our salesman are taught to not hang up the phone until the customer is fully satisfied. If a salesman senses that may not be the case, his orders are to put the sales manager (Jeremy Martorella) on the line who has a near 1000% batting average at finding solutions. In that same spirit we have our internet specialist Sharad reading the forums every day and offering help to enthusiasts whenever he can.

We have been building fox body and newer Mustangs at UPR since the late 1980′s. We have pretty much seen it all and have been instrumental in the growth of the tremendous Mustang movement. We sponsor or support many forums and car clubs. But we are well aware that lurking in the shadows of some of these forums are some really unhappy people aka “haters”. And many times over the years we have tried our best to honestly answer complaints only to be thrashed by keyboard jockeys that have a fraction of the experience and none of the accomplishments that we at UPR have worked so hard to gain over the years. In fact, although we were one of the original sponsors of the Corral, we have since politely pulled our support. Well, I realize that to abandon a large group of enthusiast because of a few “haters” is hypocritical to our policy. So this week I instructed Jeremy to start in the suspension section of the Corral and offer assistance where he could. I believe Jeremy to be one of an elite group of drag suspension specialists with his roots in the Mustang movement. He has been tuning our customers and our own race cars for two decades, all the while adding to his knowledge exponentially by comparing notes with our many UPR racers like Chris Little or Tim Lynch. I have watched him bring an undrivable Toyota Solara into the 6 second range with only a few passes of adjustments. More importantly, he has taken our daily driver 5.0 turbo Mustang from 1.7 60-foot times to its present 1.40 60-foot at 9.73 ET. After a few posts he came back to me and told me that the haters and know-it-alls are still there but he will simply ignore them and continue to do his best with his answers. Probably most important is that he realizes there are different ways to achieve the same results, so no one answer is absolute. But rest assured his answers are based on many years of first hand experience as a driver and tuner (and being taught by Billy Glidden is an invaluable asset). Most importantly, they will and have worked. No brag, just fact.


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