Owner’s Blog 12/23/12

Most importantly, I want to thank all our customers and dealers for their support. We at UPR truly realize we would not be here without customer loyalty. We take nothing for granted and try every day to improve our products and customer service, as anything less than 100% customer satisfaction is unsatisfactory. I have made many friends over the years and look forward to every opportunity to meet a fellow enthusiast.

For 2013, we are developing a series of anti roll bars for street and strip for the S197 platform. We are also developing more products for the G body GM products and the new Camaro. I own a 2006 Chrysler 300 SRT 8 which is a great 4 door sporty vehicle, so we will also continue to develop Mopar parts.

At the top of the UPR to do list is the formation of new Pro Street Series Handling and Traction packages for the S197 Mustangs. They will be offered in stages and consist of control arm, spring, shock and strut combinations which offer great results at affordable prices. We will be testing these at Sebring and Palm Beach on Sharad’s GT. UPR will also offer an extended line of Pro Series suspension packages for late model Mustangs looking to lower their 60 foot times and maximize their ET’s at the track.

I just finished the fuel system on our Project Terminator 2003 twin turbo Cobra so that should be out and running soon. We also picked up an AMS 500 boost controller for our 9.73 ET, 2011 Hellion single turbo Mustang and are looking to break the 9.50 barrier. We are waiting for our 3 speed race automatic for our 2009 Shelby which we expect to run mid 8′s with a 4.0L whipple blower. Last but not least we are prepping to install and test the Edelbrock G force supercharger system on our 2013 Coyote and offer several UPR performance packages based on that kit.

Recently a comment was left on our Facebook calling me a “LEADER in industry”, coincidentally after my blog on “haters”. Well I want to assure anyone who doesn’t know me that I work 7 days a week and don’t own a tie. During race season I drive and sleep in an 18 wheeler, spending 14 hours a day on my feet when at the event. And when I say I’m lucky to have so many friends and customers it is because I TRULY appreciate them all. I know my place and thank God for what He has given me.

Happy Holidays!


Hellion TT Cobra

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