Owner’s Blog 01/02/13

We’re going to work hard at getting our UPR project cars running in the next few months. When we get back to work on Wednesday we will be installing an AMS 1000 boost controller in our 2013 5.0 Hellion Mustang. Our goal is to break the 9.50 barrier without pushing the car much harder (9.73 present best).

Over the years we have learned some tuning tricks from the best in the business- Steve Petty, Turbo People, and Brad Brand. Jeremy wants to further tweak our UPR Pro Series rear suspension and see if we can use the boost controller to help us further lower our great (for a turbo street car) 1.40 sixty foot time in our quest to pick up a quarter second of ET.

We are presently at 14 lbs. of boost and feel we don’t need more than 16 lbs. to reach our goal. Some local supercharged 5.0′s are running well into the 20lb boost range but we at UPR try to maximize the efficiency of our combination rather than just go for all out horsepower and the resulting stress and breakage it leads to. After all, this is a daily driver and is a true “sleeper”. We won’t compromise the smooth idle and response nor the 20 plus mpg fuel economy. And we are also in no hurry to grenade the stock transmission that has been working so well.

But the beauty of the boost controller and Hellion turbo package is that there’s at least another 10lbs of boost available at the touch of a button should we decide later “Aw, what the hell. Let’s go for it !”


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