Owner’s Blog 1/10/13

Recently, Jeremy Martorella wrote a custom SCT tune for a 2012 V6 Mustang customer. Not only was the customer impressed with the performance and response increase but he was also grateful for the mileage increase. He got 36mpg highway on his last cruise. UPR tuning is about gaining performance without diminishing drivability or longevity. Jeremy really liked the overall V6 platform and he has performance and handling packages for V6 Mustangs in stock.

I realize there are countless tuners out there and all kinds of miracle claims but after all the years I have spent as an enthusiast and a racer, I have come to the conclusion that the most important attribute of any tuner is real world (not keyboard) experience. I was lucky enough to be involved with pioneers in the electronic tuning industry. Mike Wesley of Autologic (and now Diablosport) and Chris Johnson of SCT and JMS. Both had Mustangs and both raced them. I feel this gave them a real edge over the computer competent tuners that lacked real world experience. Sort of like priests teaching marriage preparation classes or like Rodney Dangerfields ‘”Back to School” economics class- “What’s a widget?”. And of course UPR has been associated with premier race car tuners like Steve Petty who tunes Jeg’s world champion Pro Mod and Tim Lynch’s 10.5 Outlaw cars, so we’ve learned a tremendous amount in the last 20 years.

Right here at UPR, we were dynoing a GT500 for another well known local shop. Jeremy was running the dyno and in the drivers seat. After a few pulls he realized that the RPM limiter was set too low. He based it on not only how the car felt but also from looking at a power curve that was still climbing. When he suggested it be raised the long distance tuner dismissed him saying “you don’t need to go any higher”. When Jeremy insisted at the track that it be raised (since he was doing the driving, not to mention 20 plus years of dragstrip experience) the car responded with a major performance increase. It went from a previous best of 10.10 at 139mph to 9.66 at 146mph with no other changes.

So I believe that UPR custom tunes offers the consumer the best combination of performance, drivability, and economy. They are developed on real vehicles during real testing, not theory. They also include lifetime updates and direct tech line to Jeremy for help at the racetrack. Take advantage of all the hard earned knowledge and experience that UPR offers and freely shares with our customers and fellow enthusiasts. Call UPR first for tuning your ride.


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