Owners Blog: January Update

We have been very busy at UPR Products this January. We are presently cutting the mild steel tubing for our new line of Pro Street K-members. It may have taken us forever, but we finally realized there is a need for an affordable K-member package that is made in the USA and FITS! The new UPR Mild Steel K-member will offer maximum header clearance, tig-welding, and perfect wheel alignment- none of which is available from the popular present offshore alternative. We are shooting for a $599.00 complete package price and it will be made entirely in South Florida. We will also be offering a reinforced and cross braced model, as well as extra heavy duty A-arms and bushings, for handling and road race enthusiasts.

And finally our 2005-13 Pro Street anti-roll bar for 2005-13 Mustangs is being welded up as I type. It will be a true bolt-on with welding optional but not needed. The bar will be mounted in billet caps with Energy Suspension bushings and it will feature billet steel arms.

We are also working on a severe duty, rebuildable anti-roll bar kit for 1979-2004 Mustangs as an alternative to our best selling part# 2000 ARB kit.

We are also finishing up a Pro Street, housing mounted anti-roll bar for 1979-2004 Mustangs.

Lastly, check out our website and upcoming magazine ads for “Price Rollbacks”. The economy has been tough on everybody and we want to keep our best sellers affordable to all our customers.


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