UPR Turbo5.0 Mustang -1.37 short time

We took our 2011 single turbo 5.0 Mustang out to PBIR on Sunday and made a few passes. We had changed the upper control arm from a UPR non-adjustable Pro Street version to a double adjustable Pro Street version Part #2001-14. Since UPR Products is known for its suspension, driver/tuner Jeremy Martorella has been concentrating on the holeshot, aka 60-foot time. He was tired of reading on all the forums that a single turbo street car could not leave the starting line with a blower car. The Hellion single turbo kit makes boost quickly and has performed incredibly without needing driveline shredding dyno queen horsepower figures. After a string of low 1.40 short times, Jeremy raised the launch rpm by 200 rpm (as well as some suspension tweaking) and was rewarded with a 1.37 60 foot time. The downside was that the automatic transmission couldn’t keep up with the acceleration rate and let the engine bump the limiter on the 1-2 shift. The resulting transmission lag only yielded a 9.88 et, but we also got our first 140 mph timeslip.

The timing is right to add our new UPR Pro-Series anti-roll bar for 2005-13 Mustangs. It features solid steel billet arms and billet aluminum bushing retainers. There is also an option for a complete bolt-in installation if the customer prefers not to weld tabs on the rear housing. We are really excited about our progress and will continue use our 5.0 to evaluate UPR suspension parts and settings. We are preparing the car to race at the Bradenton NMRA event March 7-10 after driving the 200 miles across Florida to get there. We also plan to install one of our great-looking billet aluminum breather cans, to accommodate the higher boost levels we will be experimenting with.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at SGMP this weekend and BMP in March!


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