A great time at NMRA Bradenton with UPR Products!

The NMRA Spring Break Shootout at Bradenton was blessed with four days of perfect weather and the largest UPR Products sponsored car show in their history. The UPR sales trailer was in attendance and we got to meet a lot of new and old customers and, of course, all the great UPR Racers.

We spent a lot of time separating the display tables for 2005-10 and 2011-13 Mustang billet trim pieces in order to make it easy for customers to pick the latest new pieces for their car! We also separated our UPR suspension tables by model year and that worked out great also.

John Urist unveiled his new single turbo setup in Super Street Outlaw and went on to a runner up finish to fellow UPR racer Phil Hines who won with a 7.30 et to John’s 7.42 et. Bart Tobener, an integral part of the original UPR race team, also competed with his new modular/turbo Fox body. Old friend and UPR racer Conrad Scarry was there making test hits in a 2002 Mustang 275 drag radial car equipped with a full UPR rear suspension and had 60-foot times in the 1.teens first time behind the wheel! UPR multi-time Renegade champion Brian Mitchell grabbed a set of M/T 275X radials from our sales trailer before eliminations and won the class as fellow UPR racer A.J Wyce came up just short. It also became obvious to the Renegade racers that the factory Cobra Jets are coming! There were 110 entries in True Street and Mike Jovanis placed 2nd in his UPR-equipped ride.

Speaking of True Street, our own omnipresent internet ambassador Sharad Raldiris had his first opportunity to try out his gorgeous project True Street Fox and blasted out a 154 mph run straight down Broadway. I was very impressed with Sharad as I have been a student/participant in True Street movement since the early 70′s. He put together a strong running, exceptionally clean car and proved he is not just another keyboard jockey.

I feel really great about the future of Mustang racing and Car Shows. I will do my best to make sure that a fully-stocked and manned UPR Products sales trailer will be at all the top races and shows this year. The UPR trailer sales staff is the first in the gate at every event and the last out. Our sole purpose is to display and sell our parts while providing the best customer service we possibly can. I truly love what I do and I truly appreciate the opportunity to meet new customers and show them our great parts first hand.

Thanks to everyone for their support.


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