Carlisle Ford Nationals & After Hours Order Line

I’ve just finished a 4-weekend-in-a-row sales trip that included shows in Houston, Atlanta, Rockingham, and Maryland. The UPR sales trailer staff made lots of new friends and customers. We at UPR appreciated very much the opportunity to greet and service our highly valued existing customers as well. Next stop will be the Carlisle Ford Nationals on June 7 through the 9th, the Grandaddy of all Ford swap meets. Please consider making the trip as it is an awesome event featuring Ford products and parts from all years, with the Mustang at the front of the pack.

On another note I am very pleased to announce that our Internet Specialist, Sharad Raldiris, will now be taking over sole responsibility for the UPR Products “After Hours” Order Line. I must apologize to any customers that were previously not able to get through during the advertised hours. I take personal responsibility for the mistake of assuming those responsible were doing a good job. I am confident that Sharad will either answer immediately or call back within minutes. If you’ve had a problem reaching us in the past, please give us another chance to prove that we at UPR feel customer service is the utmost priority. And, as always, thank you from all of us at UPR for your patronage.


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