Project “TRUE” True Street Shelby

The term “True Street” has always seemed to refer to BARELY streetable race cars with license plates. 5.0 magazine’s King of the Street competition has addressed this phenomenon by valuing drivability over sheer horsepower output. I have always been interested in ultra fast street cars going back to Tasca Ford’s Street Boss Mustang in the early 70′s. UPR Products’ own ’95 B.F. Goodrich Mustang was the first to average an 8 second ET in the late 90′s.

In the last few years UPR has built a 4.6L three valve 2010 convertible that turns 9.80′s and gets 21 mpg, all while looking and driving like a show car. We then installed a Hellion single turbo kit on our 2011 5.0 Coyote and went 9.70′s with far less than full boost. Both of these cars were equipped with UPR Pro-Street suspensions because we know that the secret to low ET’s is not horsepower but rather the ability to put all our horsepower to the track. Both cars had 1.3 second 60′ times with street legal, drag radial tires. And both cars are still running without incurring the major parts breakage which is brought on by the maximum horsepower strategy. We drive these cars daily and want no part of the stalling and sputtering that is associated with so many cars that claim 900+ dyno horsepower but limp down a racetrack under real world conditions.

We are now building our 2009 Shelby GT500 to turn at least low 9′s on PUMP gas, while maintaining every creature comfort and 100% streetability. There is nothing like the instant throttle response of a fuel injected, screw blower. We had Ike at MPR freshen our engine with upgraded rods and pistons, as well as a set of mild Comp cams. We picked up a 2013 GT500 TVS blower as we feel it offers the best throttle response and low end torque for our approximately 800 rwhp package. For those who are thinking “only 800 rwhp?”, I will guarantee this- With our resident racer Jeremy Martorella tuning the suspension and our close friend, legendary Pro 5.0 racer Jimmy Larocca tuning the engine, our GT500 will leave the horsepower junkies in dismay.

Because we refuse to compromise the integrity of our beautiful, $50k low mileage GT500 we will be using a stock fuel system (with upgraded in-tank pumps) as well as the present 8.8 rear with upgraded axles and differential. We want it to remain as stock as possible since our goal is to show just how fast it can go on pump gas while remaining a dependable, comfortable daily driver. We will be posting pictures on our Facebook as well as giving updates in our blog. And we want to make every part and adjustment known as we don’t believe in secrets. At UPR Products we are enthusiasts and not competing with anyone. Of course we are proud of our UPR Pro Street and Pro Series suspensions, as well as our UPR chrome-moly and mild steel K-members, and these parts will be showcased.

I should also mention that we have a JDM built, 4.0L Whipple engine which makes 1400+ crank horsepower ready if Plan B calls for it down the road!


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