New Team UPR Racer: Amanda Munson

At UPR Products, we love fast street cars- especially when they’re as clean as Amanda Munson’s daily driven ’93 LX! Her Fox makes 691rwhp, runs 9s in the quarter mile, and could easily pass for a show car. But like most project cars, it didn’t reach this pinnacle of achievement overnight. It was bone stock when she bought it several years ago as her first car. Soon, she added a Vortech S-trim supercharger, gears, and sticky tires, and ran solidly in the 12s with the stock T-5. In fact, she entered Pinks All Out in this form and banged gears to her heart’s content.

But eventually, the boosted stock motor gave up the ghost, so Amanda stepped up in a big way by adding a Dart-blocked 331″ stroker with forged internals, and she upped her blower game with a Vortech YSi pushing 22psi! To utilize all of that power, she installed full UPR Pro Series suspension and swapped the T-5 for a built C4 with a 4000rpm converter.

The new combo has pushed Amanda’s ETs solidly into the 9s, so she races her Fox LX at New England Dragway, Lebanon Valley, and Englishtown as much as possible. We don’t blame her. With such a pretty car that runs so strong, we’d be racing it all the time too! We look forward to watching her race the next time we’re up north with UPR’s Race Trailer. In the meantime, if you happen to see Amanda racing at your local track, make sure you swing by to say hi and check out her bad ass UPR-equipped street car!

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