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The Best Catch Cans in the Industry!

UPR Products has manufactured the most effective oil vapor catch can in the industry for years now. An independently conducted A-B test against our biggest competitor proved that our can traps far more oil than the competition, which is why we use a 7 oz billet aluminum can rather than their 1.5 oz can. However, one recurring theme in the feedback we’ve received was that this other popular can has a nicer appearance and a quicker installation. The other can installs in seconds because it is not mounted to the car. It simply hangs in place. UPR’s can utilizes a billet aluminum mount to securely support the weight of the can and eliminate any chance of line failure like we’ve seen on our competitors’ cans. So the extra step of mounting the can brings greater durability. Still, we conceded that we could do more to improve the appearance of our cans, so we came up with our new line of UPR Pro Series Catch Cans.

First, we started by upgrading all of our Ford catch cans with Nickel 90° Fittings and Genuine Ford Connectors which snap into place on the valve cover and the intake, just like the factory lines do. These two upgrades significantly improved the appearance of our standard catch can kits, but we took things a step further by offering braided lines with billet aluminum ends in our Pro Series kits. While our cans are available in Satin, Polished, or Black finish, the black braided lines are available with billet aluminum ends in a Satin, Polished, or Gold finish. So now, the most effective catch cans on the market are also the best looking! And like all UPR Products, they are Made in America and feature a Lifetime Guarantee.

Our Hot selling 2011 5.0 Mustang Passenger Side Catch Cans are found HERE. Note that the Braided Hose option is selected in the drop down menu.

Here is a quick video which shows how much oil we caught within 5,000 miles on our 3V GT:

Lastly, here is a sneak peek at our Pro Series Catch Can for 2011-14 3.7L V6s.

FREE UPR PARTS – 2014 NMRA CS Contingency

We at UPR are big fans of NMRA’s Coyote Stock class. In a Spec Engine class like Coyote Stock, it takes Great Driving and a chassis that WORKS in order to go rounds, win races, and eventually win a championship. And that’s why we’re proud to share that the first two championships were won by Team UPR Racers! Going into the third season of CS, we are more motivated than ever to recapture the crown in this great class.

Team UPR is stacked with some of the most talented drivers in the business, and to show our appreciation for their loyalty, we’ve decided to sweeten the pot for them. So for the entire 2014 season, any Coyote Stock racer who displays a UPR sticker on their car, runs UPR’s complete Pro Series Rear Suspension System, and WINS the event will receive a free 1999-K Pro Series Rear Suspension kit! This is a retail value of $629.99.

So let’s see it guys! The 2014 CS wars are already heating up, and we want to WIN it all again. Make us proud and we’ll hook you up. #UPRTTFMFs!!!