FREE UPR PARTS – 2014 NMRA CS Contingency

We at UPR are big fans of NMRA’s Coyote Stock class. In a Spec Engine class like Coyote Stock, it takes Great Driving and a chassis that WORKS in order to go rounds, win races, and eventually win a championship. And that’s why we’re proud to share that the first two championships were won by Team UPR Racers! Going into the third season of CS, we are more motivated than ever to recapture the crown in this great class.

Team UPR is stacked with some of the most talented drivers in the business, and to show our appreciation for their loyalty, we’ve decided to sweeten the pot for them. So for the entire 2014 season, any Coyote Stock racer who displays a UPR sticker on their car, runs UPR’s complete Pro Series Rear Suspension System, and WINS the event will receive a free 1999-K Pro Series Rear Suspension kit! This is a retail value of $629.99.

So let’s see it guys! The 2014 CS wars are already heating up, and we want to WIN it all again. Make us proud and we’ll hook you up. #UPRTTFMFs!!!

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