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UPR Sales Trailer 2014 Season Opener

On February 19 the UPR Sales Trailer rolled into South Georgia Motorsports Park for our first race of the year. Lights Out V hosted by “the Duck” (Donald Long) has become a major event in the Outlaw, X275, and Ultra Street world. Upon arriving, I was really happy to see the track was crowded with racers on Wednesday! The UPR Products sales trailer was set up by noon and sales began almost immediately. We had several new products on display including our travel limiter kit, 4 position AN Billet wrench, tubular oil pan savers, and GM G-body Pro Series rear suspension.

South Georgia is a hotbed of racing activity and we got to say hi to many of our UPR racers as well as our friend and Team UPR racer Jose Rivera (Freakin Rican from Street Outlaws on Discovery Channel). Great weather contributed to record breaking performances, foremost of which was the fastest-in-history 275 drag radial run by Team UPR racer David Pearson in his ProCharger-equipped Mustang coupe. His 4.24 second at 171 mph run was highlighted by a 1.10 60 foot time utilizing a 6 year old UPR Pro Series Rear Suspension!!

Although rain on Sunday curtailed racing, Saturday’s perfect weather generated a record spectator turnout. Outlaw and 275X racing has a tremendous following and Team UPR will be attending most major events including the Yellow Bullet Nationals and the Duck’s fall event.

Next up – NMRA Bradenton


The Best Catch Cans in the Industry!

UPR Products has manufactured the most effective oil vapor catch can in the industry for years now. An independently conducted A-B test against our biggest competitor proved that our can traps far more oil than the competition, which is why we use a 7 oz billet aluminum can rather than their 1.5 oz can. However, one recurring theme in the feedback we’ve received was that this other popular can has a nicer appearance and a quicker installation. The other can installs in seconds because it is not mounted to the car. It simply hangs in place. UPR’s can utilizes a billet aluminum mount to securely support the weight of the can and eliminate any chance of line failure like we’ve seen on our competitors’ cans. So the extra step of mounting the can brings greater durability. Still, we conceded that we could do more to improve the appearance of our cans, so we came up with our new line of UPR Pro Series Catch Cans.

First, we started by upgrading all of our Ford catch cans with Nickel 90° Fittings and Genuine Ford Connectors which snap into place on the valve cover and the intake, just like the factory lines do. These two upgrades significantly improved the appearance of our standard catch can kits, but we took things a step further by offering braided lines with billet aluminum ends in our Pro Series kits. While our cans are available in Satin, Polished, or Black finish, the black braided lines are available with billet aluminum ends in a Satin, Polished, or Gold finish. So now, the most effective catch cans on the market are also the best looking! And like all UPR Products, they are Made in America and feature a Lifetime Guarantee.

Our Hot selling 2011 5.0 Mustang Passenger Side Catch Cans are found HERE. Note that the Braided Hose option is selected in the drop down menu.

Here is a quick video which shows how much oil we caught within 5,000 miles on our 3V GT:

Lastly, here is a sneak peek at our Pro Series Catch Can for 2011-14 3.7L V6s.

FREE UPR PARTS – 2014 NMRA CS Contingency

We at UPR are big fans of NMRA’s Coyote Stock class. In a Spec Engine class like Coyote Stock, it takes Great Driving and a chassis that WORKS in order to go rounds, win races, and eventually win a championship. And that’s why we’re proud to share that the first two championships were won by Team UPR Racers! Going into the third season of CS, we are more motivated than ever to recapture the crown in this great class.

Team UPR is stacked with some of the most talented drivers in the business, and to show our appreciation for their loyalty, we’ve decided to sweeten the pot for them. So for the entire 2014 season, any Coyote Stock racer who displays a UPR sticker on their car, runs UPR’s complete Pro Series Rear Suspension System, and WINS the event will receive a free 1999-K Pro Series Rear Suspension kit! This is a retail value of $629.99.

So let’s see it guys! The 2014 CS wars are already heating up, and we want to WIN it all again. Make us proud and we’ll hook you up. #UPRTTFMFs!!!

Officially Licensed Ford Products, now at UPR Products!

I have great news for all of our Mustang enthusiasts, including the new friends we made at the Carlisle All Ford Nationals and Myrtle Beach Mustang Week shows. UPR Products is proud to announce that we are now exclusive distributors for a unique line of Billet parts for 1987-2014 Mustangs which are Officially Licensed by Ford! At the top of the list is the American Made Billet Fuel Door for the 2005-2014 Ford Mustang. It is available in several configurations and finishes which include 5.0 and GT logos. We have a line of Ford Licensed Billet Interior parts which includes fully engraved Billet Door Sills and a really sharp engraved Console Button which fits perfectly. We are adding Ford Licensed underhood dress up parts daily, including an engraved Billet Battery Cover that looks amazing. I’ve attached several photos of these items throughout this blog. For a complete listing, go online to and click on the “Officially Licensed Ford Products” button at the bottom of the page.

I also have some great news for our Billet Catch Can customers, both past and future. Our exclusive 3 chamber UPR Billet Catch cans have been well-received and are selling like hotcakes. We now offer braided lines and slip-on Billet Hose Ends as an upgrade to all of our kits, and also offer them separately as a retrofit upgrade for previously purchased kits! The Billet Hose Ends do not require any assembly and will be offered in satin, polished, black, and polished brass finishes. We even offer a custom kit for the GT500 which includes factory fittings for an ultra-clean install, and a new listing for the 2003-2004 Terminator Cobra.

Sales for our new 2005-14 Pro Street Anti-Roll Bar have also been taking off and we’re really happy about that, as it is a high quality piece that works great and is priced right.

Lastly, I’m getting ready for the busiest part of our Show Season for the Sales Trailer. Next week it’s off to Epping, New Hampshire for the Tasca/UPR Ford Event. Since I grew up in Connecticut, I always look forward to our New England trip. The following Friday the UPR Sales Trailer will be making a special one night appearance at Empire Dragway in Lancaster, NY for the MOMS event. I’ve promised good friend Dr. Jamie Myers of Chevrolet Performance (but longtime Ford enthusiast) that I would get there for years, and now I’m making good on that promise. The following week (Aug 30-Sept 1) we will be at Walt Disney World Speedway for the “Mustangs at the Mickyard” giant car show. So August will be busy for UPR Products and we hope to meet and greet as many new customers and friends as we can at these events. This gives us the opportunity to show our customers first-hand how much we truly appreciate their loyalty.


New Team UPR Racer: Amanda Munson

At UPR Products, we love fast street cars- especially when they’re as clean as Amanda Munson’s daily driven ’93 LX! Her Fox makes 691rwhp, runs 9s in the quarter mile, and could easily pass for a show car. But like most project cars, it didn’t reach this pinnacle of achievement overnight. It was bone stock when she bought it several years ago as her first car. Soon, she added a Vortech S-trim supercharger, gears, and sticky tires, and ran solidly in the 12s with the stock T-5. In fact, she entered Pinks All Out in this form and banged gears to her heart’s content.

But eventually, the boosted stock motor gave up the ghost, so Amanda stepped up in a big way by adding a Dart-blocked 331″ stroker with forged internals, and she upped her blower game with a Vortech YSi pushing 22psi! To utilize all of that power, she installed full UPR Pro Series suspension and swapped the T-5 for a built C4 with a 4000rpm converter.

The new combo has pushed Amanda’s ETs solidly into the 9s, so she races her Fox LX at New England Dragway, Lebanon Valley, and Englishtown as much as possible. We don’t blame her. With such a pretty car that runs so strong, we’d be racing it all the time too! We look forward to watching her race the next time we’re up north with UPR’s Race Trailer. In the meantime, if you happen to see Amanda racing at your local track, make sure you swing by to say hi and check out her bad ass UPR-equipped street car!

Project “TRUE” True Street Shelby

The term “True Street” has always seemed to refer to BARELY streetable race cars with license plates. 5.0 magazine’s King of the Street competition has addressed this phenomenon by valuing drivability over sheer horsepower output. I have always been interested in ultra fast street cars going back to Tasca Ford’s Street Boss Mustang in the early 70′s. UPR Products’ own ’95 B.F. Goodrich Mustang was the first to average an 8 second ET in the late 90′s.

In the last few years UPR has built a 4.6L three valve 2010 convertible that turns 9.80′s and gets 21 mpg, all while looking and driving like a show car. We then installed a Hellion single turbo kit on our 2011 5.0 Coyote and went 9.70′s with far less than full boost. Both of these cars were equipped with UPR Pro-Street suspensions because we know that the secret to low ET’s is not horsepower but rather the ability to put all our horsepower to the track. Both cars had 1.3 second 60′ times with street legal, drag radial tires. And both cars are still running without incurring the major parts breakage which is brought on by the maximum horsepower strategy. We drive these cars daily and want no part of the stalling and sputtering that is associated with so many cars that claim 900+ dyno horsepower but limp down a racetrack under real world conditions.

We are now building our 2009 Shelby GT500 to turn at least low 9′s on PUMP gas, while maintaining every creature comfort and 100% streetability. There is nothing like the instant throttle response of a fuel injected, screw blower. We had Ike at MPR freshen our engine with upgraded rods and pistons, as well as a set of mild Comp cams. We picked up a 2013 GT500 TVS blower as we feel it offers the best throttle response and low end torque for our approximately 800 rwhp package. For those who are thinking “only 800 rwhp?”, I will guarantee this- With our resident racer Jeremy Martorella tuning the suspension and our close friend, legendary Pro 5.0 racer Jimmy Larocca tuning the engine, our GT500 will leave the horsepower junkies in dismay.

Because we refuse to compromise the integrity of our beautiful, $50k low mileage GT500 we will be using a stock fuel system (with upgraded in-tank pumps) as well as the present 8.8 rear with upgraded axles and differential. We want it to remain as stock as possible since our goal is to show just how fast it can go on pump gas while remaining a dependable, comfortable daily driver. We will be posting pictures on our Facebook as well as giving updates in our blog. And we want to make every part and adjustment known as we don’t believe in secrets. At UPR Products we are enthusiasts and not competing with anyone. Of course we are proud of our UPR Pro Street and Pro Series suspensions, as well as our UPR chrome-moly and mild steel K-members, and these parts will be showcased.

I should also mention that we have a JDM built, 4.0L Whipple engine which makes 1400+ crank horsepower ready if Plan B calls for it down the road!


Carlisle Ford Nationals & After Hours Order Line

I’ve just finished a 4-weekend-in-a-row sales trip that included shows in Houston, Atlanta, Rockingham, and Maryland. The UPR sales trailer staff made lots of new friends and customers. We at UPR appreciated very much the opportunity to greet and service our highly valued existing customers as well. Next stop will be the Carlisle Ford Nationals on June 7 through the 9th, the Grandaddy of all Ford swap meets. Please consider making the trip as it is an awesome event featuring Ford products and parts from all years, with the Mustang at the front of the pack.

On another note I am very pleased to announce that our Internet Specialist, Sharad Raldiris, will now be taking over sole responsibility for the UPR Products “After Hours” Order Line. I must apologize to any customers that were previously not able to get through during the advertised hours. I take personal responsibility for the mistake of assuming those responsible were doing a good job. I am confident that Sharad will either answer immediately or call back within minutes. If you’ve had a problem reaching us in the past, please give us another chance to prove that we at UPR feel customer service is the utmost priority. And, as always, thank you from all of us at UPR for your patronage.


Winning Races on UPR Suspension!

Team UPR Racers have already had an incredible 2013 Racing Season!

-We kicked things off with Tony Whetstone’s win at Steeda’s Pony Wars in February, and we haven’t stopped winning since!

-At NMRA BMP Brian Mitchell won Renegade and Mike Jovanis ran runner-up in True Street & SBS.

-For NMRA GA, Shane Stymiest won Coyote Stock.

-Also during that time, Chris Little and Dennis Lugo picked up wins in the super competitive X275 class.

-Two weeks ago, Greg Holland broke the 3.7L N/A record in his S197 Mustang.

-This past weekend at NMRA MIR, Team UPR Racers were on FIRE! Both Shane Stymiest and Brian Mitchell Qualified #1, Set ET records, and Won their classes! That is UPR DOMINATION. Additionally, HiPo Joe Charles set the MPH record in C/S and Jacob Conant ran runner-up in the GT500/Terminator Shootout.

-Also this past weekend, Walter Drakeford won Ultra Street at BMP.

We are SO PROUD of our Racers! They just keep winning and winning. This is why UPR Products suspension is known as The Choice of Champions. These guys are running the same suspension you can buy at If you’re not running UPR Products suspension, we’d like to invite you to check it out. All UPR Products are Made in America, they carry a Lifetime Guarantee, and they are winning races every weekend!

UPR Turbo5.0 Mustang -1.37 short time

We took our 2011 single turbo 5.0 Mustang out to PBIR on Sunday and made a few passes. We had changed the upper control arm from a UPR non-adjustable Pro Street version to a double adjustable Pro Street version Part #2001-14. Since UPR Products is known for its suspension, driver/tuner Jeremy Martorella has been concentrating on the holeshot, aka 60-foot time. He was tired of reading on all the forums that a single turbo street car could not leave the starting line with a blower car. The Hellion single turbo kit makes boost quickly and has performed incredibly without needing driveline shredding dyno queen horsepower figures. After a string of low 1.40 short times, Jeremy raised the launch rpm by 200 rpm (as well as some suspension tweaking) and was rewarded with a 1.37 60 foot time. The downside was that the automatic transmission couldn’t keep up with the acceleration rate and let the engine bump the limiter on the 1-2 shift. The resulting transmission lag only yielded a 9.88 et, but we also got our first 140 mph timeslip.

The timing is right to add our new UPR Pro-Series anti-roll bar for 2005-13 Mustangs. It features solid steel billet arms and billet aluminum bushing retainers. There is also an option for a complete bolt-in installation if the customer prefers not to weld tabs on the rear housing. We are really excited about our progress and will continue use our 5.0 to evaluate UPR suspension parts and settings. We are preparing the car to race at the Bradenton NMRA event March 7-10 after driving the 200 miles across Florida to get there. We also plan to install one of our great-looking billet aluminum breather cans, to accommodate the higher boost levels we will be experimenting with.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at SGMP this weekend and BMP in March!


1979-2004 Mustang LS1-Swap Chrome-Moly K-Member Kit

K-Member Kit

* 4130 Seamless Chrome Moly Tubing
* Tig Welded in Billet Fixture
* Silver Powder Coated Finish
* Lighter and Stronger than Mild Steel
* Includes LS1 Adapter Plate and your choice of 4.6 Solid Motor Mounts, 4.6 Polyurethane Motor Mounts, or no mounts (for those who already have 4.6 mounts)
* Lightest and Strongest LS1/Mustang Swap K-member

Adapter Plate Kit

Quality Construction:

UPR’s all new complete LS1-Swap Chrome-Moly K-member Kit will save more weight and exceed any strength limitations of mild steel while allowing maximum header and oil pan clearance, this kit was designed for the abuse of hardcore drag race, road race, and Street Enthusiasts most importantly it will handle the everyday wear and tear of city & highway streets like that was its main intent.

UPR Coil-Over Kit with exclusive designed adjuster nut with new set screw to ensure it never loses its setting! Also requires no tools to adjust ride height and features Eibach Springs.

Includes LS1 swap adapter plates that allow you to bolt them to any standard LS1, 5.3L, 6.0L block, then bolt 4.6 Mustang Motor Mounts to them and use UPR’s 4.6 Chrome Moly K-member. This is the Lightest and Strongest package on the Market for LS1 Mustang swaps.


1-100% Chrome-Moly Tubular K-member Silver Powder Coated
2-100% Chrome-Moly Tubular A-arms Silver Powder Coated
1-Front Coil-Over Kit with Eibach Springs.
1-LS1 Adapter Plate Kit.
Your choice of 1-4.6 Solid Motor Mount Kit, 1-4.6 Polyurethane Motor Mount Kit, or no mounts (for those who already have 4.6 mounts)


For more information: Click HERE