Team UPR

Team UPR Victorious at NMRA/NMCA Atlanta!

Earlier this month, the NMRA and NMCA worlds collided at Atlanta Dragway for the Third Annual NMRA/NMCA All Star Nationals. We’re proud to announce that Team UPR Racers scored SIX Big Wins at this event!

Tony Alm won Street Outlaw in his fully UPR-equipped coupe. That makes two wins in a row for Tony!

Scott Grove won Renegade in his UPR-equipped hatchback

Frank Varela won Coyote Modified in his UPR-equipped Coupe

Teddy Weaver won Pure Street in his fully UPR-equipped New Edge Stang. That’s two in a row in 2014 for Teddy as well!

Shane Stymiest won Coyote Stock in his fully UPR-equipped Coupe. This was also win number two for Shane.

Chris Escobar picked up his 13th win in True Street, further solidifying his status as the undisputed King of True Street!

So that’s six wins in hotly contested classes, all won by Mustangs equipped with the same UPR Products suspension which you can buy for your street or strip Stang. Way to go Team UPR!! This is why UPR Products are known as the Choice of Champions! We can’t wait to see everyone again for NMRA MIR this weekend, and of course, we’ll post a Team UPR update once the dust settles.

*photo courtesy of the NMRA. Please swing by for more from this great racing organization!


FREE UPR PARTS – 2014 NMRA CS Contingency

We at UPR are big fans of NMRA’s Coyote Stock class. In a Spec Engine class like Coyote Stock, it takes Great Driving and a chassis that WORKS in order to go rounds, win races, and eventually win a championship. And that’s why we’re proud to share that the first two championships were won by Team UPR Racers! Going into the third season of CS, we are more motivated than ever to recapture the crown in this great class.

Team UPR is stacked with some of the most talented drivers in the business, and to show our appreciation for their loyalty, we’ve decided to sweeten the pot for them. So for the entire 2014 season, any Coyote Stock racer who displays a UPR sticker on their car, runs UPR’s complete Pro Series Rear Suspension System, and WINS the event will receive a free 1999-K Pro Series Rear Suspension kit! This is a retail value of $629.99.

So let’s see it guys! The 2014 CS wars are already heating up, and we want to WIN it all again. Make us proud and we’ll hook you up. #UPRTTFMFs!!!

New Team UPR Racer: Amanda Munson

At UPR Products, we love fast street cars- especially when they’re as clean as Amanda Munson’s daily driven ’93 LX! Her Fox makes 691rwhp, runs 9s in the quarter mile, and could easily pass for a show car. But like most project cars, it didn’t reach this pinnacle of achievement overnight. It was bone stock when she bought it several years ago as her first car. Soon, she added a Vortech S-trim supercharger, gears, and sticky tires, and ran solidly in the 12s with the stock T-5. In fact, she entered Pinks All Out in this form and banged gears to her heart’s content.

But eventually, the boosted stock motor gave up the ghost, so Amanda stepped up in a big way by adding a Dart-blocked 331″ stroker with forged internals, and she upped her blower game with a Vortech YSi pushing 22psi! To utilize all of that power, she installed full UPR Pro Series suspension and swapped the T-5 for a built C4 with a 4000rpm converter.

The new combo has pushed Amanda’s ETs solidly into the 9s, so she races her Fox LX at New England Dragway, Lebanon Valley, and Englishtown as much as possible. We don’t blame her. With such a pretty car that runs so strong, we’d be racing it all the time too! We look forward to watching her race the next time we’re up north with UPR’s Race Trailer. In the meantime, if you happen to see Amanda racing at your local track, make sure you swing by to say hi and check out her bad ass UPR-equipped street car!

UPR at the NMCA Muscle Car Nationals in Bradenton

The UPR sales trailer & staff attended the NMCA Bradenton opening meet and had a great time. Saturday morning, long time UPR racer and friend Tony Whetstone, who was running in True Street, came up and asked me how he can get rid of tire shake that was keeping him from making a clean pass. A quick call to UPR Superstar Chris Little provided Tony with the settings he needed. Not only was tire shake cured but he went on to record a 3-run average ET of 9.25 and WIN the event! Congratulations Tony! Another long time UPR racer Teddy Weaver won NMCA Mean Street with a come from behind 10.05 to 10.09 victory. Way to go Teddy! Thank you both for putting UPR Products in the Winners’ Circle this weekend!

Long time UPR racers and friends Billy & Shannon Glidden were there with his freshly wrapped M/T sponsored Mustang Pro Street entry. Their crew consisted of none other than PGA legend Kenny Perry, who is one of the most down to earth and pleasant celebrities you could ever meet. Even though he was underpowered compared to the Twin turbo and Pro Mod entries, he used his incredible tuning and driving skills to make it to the finals against another UPR good friend David Hance. David Hance showed what a great sportsman and competitor he was when he gave Billy time to try to make engine repairs from damage suffered in Billy’s great holeshot semifinal win over #1 qualifier Jeff Lutz in his gorgeous twin turbo Camaro. Unfortunately, the rains came around 4pm so the final will be held in Atlanta at the combined NMRA/NMCA race April 11-14.

It was great seeing so many legends and pioneers of Ford and Pro Street racing there. Jimmy and Vic Keene had their Pro Mod Vette there with Tony Christian along. I saw Pat “Popeye” Musi with some customer cars. I got a chance to talk to Ford engine builder and pioneer Ronnie Crawford. Sean Ashe and the ATF crew got it together with a 7.2 at 195 pass in their charcoal coupe, and David DeMarco’s Grand National continued to lay down great numbers in Super Street.

I met Richard Wood, longtime Tampa Bay Buccaneer linebacker and team captain, who has a fox body he’s building up. He was one of the nicest, happiest people I ever met and it was great talking to him. Lastly I got to spend some time reminiscing with Dr. Jamie Meyer who has been a dear friend since we first met at Bradenton 16 years ago. He is now the man that took the bean counting out of the Chevrolet performance aftermarket division and I feel has bridged the gap between all us enthusiasts and the factory performance engineers and marketing staffs. I’ve watched him progress from cub reporter at Mustang events to the voice of Mustang racing as World Ford Challenge announcer, then on to grad student and ultimately a doctorate in microbiology. But most importantly I watched him make a switch which blended his automotive enthusiasm with a great employment opportunity at GM Performance.

I think the UPR sales trailer has the best assortment of parts it has ever had and I’m looking forward to a continued great season. Looking forward to seeing all our great past, present, and future customers and being able to say thank you personally to them.

A great time at NMRA Bradenton with UPR Products!

The NMRA Spring Break Shootout at Bradenton was blessed with four days of perfect weather and the largest UPR Products sponsored car show in their history. The UPR sales trailer was in attendance and we got to meet a lot of new and old customers and, of course, all the great UPR Racers.

We spent a lot of time separating the display tables for 2005-10 and 2011-13 Mustang billet trim pieces in order to make it easy for customers to pick the latest new pieces for their car! We also separated our UPR suspension tables by model year and that worked out great also.

John Urist unveiled his new single turbo setup in Super Street Outlaw and went on to a runner up finish to fellow UPR racer Phil Hines who won with a 7.30 et to John’s 7.42 et. Bart Tobener, an integral part of the original UPR race team, also competed with his new modular/turbo Fox body. Old friend and UPR racer Conrad Scarry was there making test hits in a 2002 Mustang 275 drag radial car equipped with a full UPR rear suspension and had 60-foot times in the 1.teens first time behind the wheel! UPR multi-time Renegade champion Brian Mitchell grabbed a set of M/T 275X radials from our sales trailer before eliminations and won the class as fellow UPR racer A.J Wyce came up just short. It also became obvious to the Renegade racers that the factory Cobra Jets are coming! There were 110 entries in True Street and Mike Jovanis placed 2nd in his UPR-equipped ride.

Speaking of True Street, our own omnipresent internet ambassador Sharad Raldiris had his first opportunity to try out his gorgeous project True Street Fox and blasted out a 154 mph run straight down Broadway. I was very impressed with Sharad as I have been a student/participant in True Street movement since the early 70′s. He put together a strong running, exceptionally clean car and proved he is not just another keyboard jockey.

I feel really great about the future of Mustang racing and Car Shows. I will do my best to make sure that a fully-stocked and manned UPR Products sales trailer will be at all the top races and shows this year. The UPR trailer sales staff is the first in the gate at every event and the last out. Our sole purpose is to display and sell our parts while providing the best customer service we possibly can. I truly love what I do and I truly appreciate the opportunity to meet new customers and show them our great parts first hand.

Thanks to everyone for their support.


UPR at the races, incl NMRA Bradenton

Racing season started off with a great meet at South Georgia Motorsports Park. Lights Out IV put on by Duck X Promotions was slowed by rain Friday and Saturday but came roaring back with nonstop racing action on Sunday. It also had the distinction of what has to be the most incredible wheelie-actually manned flight-ever:

Insane Wheelie at SGMP

UPR was there with our sales trailer and met many friends and racers and had an overall great time.

Mustang racing kicks off this upcoming weekend at the NMRA Spring Break Shootout in Bradenton Florida. UPR will be there from Wednesday afternoon til Sunday night. UPR also sponsors the car show and looks forward to having a raffle for all car show entrants as well as discount coupons in their goodie bags. Bradenton is also the main outlet for the UPR odds and end sale as we bring all our 100% guaranteed but slightly blemished parts to sell at great discounts. UPR has been a major supporter of the NMRA racing series since their very first race and we firmly believe that this effort is important to the growth and survival of the mustang racing movement.

It’s hard to believe that it has been 19 years since my son Joe set the Street Outlaw record there at 10.08 and that it is currently 3 seconds quicker! The Spring Break Shootout is also special because it is the origin of UPR Products sales trailer as it was the first race UPR Products displayed its affordable chrome-moly K-member and rear suspension for sale in 1996. So please try and attend this great season opener to see great Mustang racing action and pick up all the parts you need to get your own season started. See you there!


2010 GT runs 9.90 @ 133 with a 1.35 60′ time using UPR’s Pro-Street Urethane lowers!

Many of our competitors say it is impossible to produce a race worthy set of urethane control arms, but seeing is believing! We took our 2010 convertible show car to the track on a cooler night (75 degrees) to see how it would run. The convertible is equipped with UPR Pro-Street series urethane lowers and an adjustable upper control arm, as well as a pair of QA1 adjustable rear shocks and UPR adjustable panhard bar. With Jeremy Martorella driving, the convertible exploded off the line with a 1.35 60 foot time on street legal drag radials.

The UPR Pro-Street series urethane lower control arm kit for 2005-2012 Mustangs is one of our best selling suspension parts. We use seamless American made chrome-moly tubing, Urethane bushings from Energy Suspension, we weld and assemble them here in Florida, powdercoat them our UPR silver finish, and pre-lube them so they are ready to install.

But what really makes them unique is the extra-wide diameter steel pin developed for UPR Products by Energy Suspension. As the weight and power of Mustangs went up, so did the failure rate of urethane control arms. So UPR approached Energy Suspension for a remedy. Energy Suspension’s engineers developed the wider diameter pin to more evenly distribute the load across a wider surface area of the urethane bushing. UPR Products has not experienced a bushing failure since they implemented the wider pin across the entire Pro Street suspension lineup.

In fact, the only problem with UPR’s American Made Pro-Street lower control arms has been the price- it’s too low!! Some people refuse to believe that the finest urethane lower control arm available can be be sold for under $200 a pair! And let’s not forget the Lifetime Guarantee- it is unparalleled in the industry.

Next up for our 2010 GT, we are going to install the new UPR chrome-moly K-member and shed a few more pounds off the front end while greatly improving engine clearance. Stay tuned for more photos and videos of this awesome machine!

Jeremy Martorella runs 9.90 @ 133 in UPR’s 2010 GT!

Click to see UPR’s 9-second GT on YouTube! decided to take advantage of the good weather and see how fast our 21mpg show car would run at PBIR’s dragstrip. With Jeremy Martorella behind the wheel and tuning the suspension, we had high expectations. Our previous best was 10.11@135mph. Jeremy stiffened the shocks, took the hoosier drag radials down to 16lbs, staged the car at 1200 rpm and let it rip. Right off the bat we were excited when the AMAZING 1.35 short time came up on the board. Jeremy knew that he was on a killer pass. When building our now show and GO 2010 Convertible Mustang, we expected to be able to knock out some high 10s–but 9s were meant for RACE CARS… not! UPR Products wows its fans with a fuel efficient automatic 9 second GT. The car is a loaded model and even sports a “back-up” camera. The convertible tips the scales over 3900 lbs. 9.90 @ 133mph, not bad for a show car!!

UPR Interview with the Champ: Brian Mitchell

UPR Interview with the Champ: Brian Mitchell

Brian Mitchell
Photo Courtesy of BC Petrie Photography

UPR is the “Choice of Champions.” One of Team UPR’s most successful racers is Brian Mitchell.
Brian has run at the front of the pack in NMRA Renegade for many years, so we caught up with him to ask a few questions about his racing program.

1. You just wrapped up your fourth NMRA EFI Renegade championship and broke the ET record at
Bowling Green earlier this month. That is some serious class domination. What is your secret to success?

Well this is tough… There is no one answer for this. Hard work, lots of testing, and great
companies like UPR to make the car work.

2. What role does UPR Products play in that success?

I have the best working car in the NMRA period. Wizard 2 was built with all shelf stock
suspension parts from front to back. Every part is UPR. When my car can out sixty foot all the other cars, I win. My worst sixty foot time of the final race this year was a 1.20. The best sixty from any competitor was a 1.25. That gave me up to a tenth of a second head start on everybody. Thanks UPR!!

3. You are known for being consistently fast at every race you attend. I heard you ran a 1.18 60-foot time
on stock-style suspension and 28×10.5s!?! What is your quickest pass to date, including incrementals?

My best pass to date (in NMRA trim) is 1.18 sixty, 5.293 @ 133 eighth, 8.291 @ 165 out the back. Out of NMRA trim it’s 1.18 sixty, 5.21 @ 137, 8.11 @ 177 out the back.

4. Wow. You are clearly on top of your game! What advice do you have for other Mustang racers,
whether they’re competing in a heads up series or just local Test n Tune action?

Buy the right parts the first time, it will pay off. Also, go to the track and see what really wins on Sunday.

5. What’s the story behind the wizard paint scheme?

Well, in 2002 Miller Brewing pulled the sponsor money I had to paint the car. (it was the Miller Lite car) I thought about what to do for weeks, then one day I was in the local Spencer’s Gifts store and saw a plasma ball on the shelf and it all hit me at once… have a wizard holding a crystal ball with the lightning going all over. My airbrush guy came up with having him floating in outer space. Then, once the scheme was done it was just natural to carry it over to Wizard 2. There is a small difference that most people don’t catch… the wizard on Wizard 2 is wearing an NMRA Championship Ring!!!!

UPR Products would like to congratulate Brian Mitchell on his success. We are proud to be a part
of his program. You can pick up the same suspension Brian has used to win four championships at